Playmobil man

Playmobil man bought a piece of land by a lake with his swimming trunks on
he hired an Estonian guy to cut down all the trees, another one to haul them away
and a third one to plant a hundred year old lichen-bearded birch in the middle of the yard
so he could rest under it's shade exhausted
and wait for the helicopters to bring his playmobil house.
So to avoid the boredom
he hired some unemployed to carry lap-sized rocks in a circle around the tree
and told them once in a while to change direction,

the town councillors were happy
when Playmobil man even invited them to his sauna
in turns they patted him gently with a back whisk until the corners of their mouths popped
Playmobil man's Thai wife served the men refreshments and lighted up cigars
while the men were admiring Playmobil man's brand new boat,
that just barely fit into the lake.

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